Odd and very annoying. One of my Facebook friends mentioned Lady Gaga. Another said the word “gaga” in a post, with no relevance to the celebrity at all. So Facebook puts in my news feed “Friend Name and Friend Name posted about Lady Gaga”—as if that, in itself, were newsworthy. It would make a bit more sense if I “liked” Lady Gaga, but I don’t (because I don’t).

Then, when I posted my cranky discontent, my post, too, was grouped under the same heading, rather than as a normal part of the news feed.

With G+ in the wings, Facebook should think twice about doing shitty, spammy things.

And by the way, if I were the advertiser being sold this feature, I’d have enough common sense to recognize the risk. It would be a great way to amplify negative comments about a brand, or do use the brand name in really unfavorable contexts.