Archæologia Cambrensis, Vol I., Reprint.

I have recently purchased a copy of the above work to complete my set; but before doing so, I enquired of Mr. Pickering the publisher, if it was in all respects as well executed as the first copies. The answer, however, gave me no more information than “that the numbers of vol. i. Arch. Camb., which were destroyed by fire, have been reprinted, so as to make up a few copies, and the price is consequently 21s.” The “reprint” is not as well executed as the original copies, inasmuch as nearly a whole page of interesting matter is omitted, and very few of the reprinted pages correspond with the good old ones. I have been a long time looking for the first volume of the Archæologia Cambrensis, the greater portion of which had been so unfortunately destroyed by fire; and though I cannot consider the “reprint” quite as good as the old copies, still I was very glad to obtain it. I trouble you with this “Note,” not because I am dissatisfied with the mode of execution of the reprint, but in the hope that some of your correspondents will favour me with a few words on the work, and inform me why the page has been omitted, and why the reprinted pages do not agree with those of the old copies. Are there any other faults in the “reprint” which may have escaped my notice?