Be it remembred that where, on the nyght next biforne the feste of the Circumcision of owre Lord Jesu, the [second]12.2 yeer of the regne of Kyng Henry the Sexte, certeyns maffaisours, felons, and brekeres of the kynges peas vnknowyn, to the noumbre of iiijxx [four score] and more by estimacion, of malice and imaginacion forne thowght felonowsly, the dwellyng place of John Grys of Wyghton, in Wyghton, in the shyre of Norffolk, brokyn, and with carpenteres axes the yates and the dores of the seyd place hewen, and the seyd John Grys, and hys sone, and a servaunt man of hese by here bodyes tokyn, and fro the seyd dwellyng place by the space of a myle to a payre gawles ledden, there hem for to have hangyd; and by cause hem fayled ropes convenient to here felonowse purpos, the seyd John Grys, hese sone, and hys man there felonowsely slowen and mordered in the most orrible wyse that ever was herd spoken of in that cuntre.